Leading intuitive business strategist and women’s transformation catalyst, Prue Blennerhassett presents:


6 month Exclusive Group Immersion

Guiding visionary women into

powerful impact.

A 6 month VIP group immersion to take you to the next
level in your business, becoming a powerful, femme force to
be reckoned with who magnetises divine clients and riches
with power, impact and grace.

“When Women Own Their
Worth, the Value of Their
Sacred Work and Their Voice,
They Light Up The World”

This sacred immersion will take you on a potent journey to leave masculine force, hustle, and burnout behind to liberate the unabashed expression of your feminine divinity in business.

As you dive into the flow of your money mojo and client attraction magic, you’ll move from struggling with confusion and self-doubt to clearly and unapologetically owning your worth, your work and your voice.

You’ll learn how to package your brilliant essence, come out of the darkness into the light and share and shamelessly sell your sacred work, drawing your soul clients to you, who are thrilled to pay you for your epic work.

“There’s No Force More Powerful Than A Woman Who’s Ready To Rise”

What it would feel like to…

be 5x’ing your rates without hesitation… and giving yourself a raise every 6 months — no longer dumbing down your message or basing the value of your sacred work on what you think people can afford

break free out of the spiritual closet, own your voice and live your path and purpose shame and guilt-free, so you can finally have the impact in this world you are destined for

break up with scarcity, with living paycheck to paycheck and shift into an abundance queen who knows her worth and makes riches rain by magnetising divine clients who pay in full and upfront for your incredible work

give up looking for validation from your family, partner, friends or anyone else and instead deeply value your sacred potent femme power and what you have to offer the world unapologetically
stand in your power, own your voice and be able to articulate and express your important message with laser clarity, confidence and conviction to leave a legacy that lasts
have a waitlist of dream clients lining up to work with you…that you know you never have to overwork for or overgive to
Kylian Martin


Prue ‘gets’ me and my highly specialised work at a deep level. She understands my exquisite brand, has a great eye for detail and is a master strategist. She misses nothing.
As an ‘old-school’ and creative (think chaotic LOL) entrepreneur, educator and therapist I fiiiiiiinally made the leap last year to the online space with my beautiful somatic (body based) work. It was a risk and a huuuuge and daunting task after 3 decades of working in the flesh. But Prue made it easy and fun! She was incredible during my planning and launch. She kept me calm and grounded and had my back the whole time. Such deep and unwavering faith and support.
Working with her has given me the confidence I needed to not only make this leap so successful but to grow into my vision. She is working with me right now on my big new launch which will be an online Mentorship and Teacher Training spanning 18 months. I couldn’t have done the launch process or run such a successful first online course/retreat for 97 women from around the world without her – let alone dared to launch this epic two-in-one project! It’s incredible! She is a joy, impeccable in all areas of her work and worth her weight in gold.


In this 6 month sacred Immersion, you’ll receive access to
these power-packed CEO Priestess online training modules:

Module 1 – Embody Your Divine Expertise

Hone your divine gifts and brilliance while you deep dive into understanding your soulmate clients so you can bring forward what they need most.

Module 2 – Craft Your Opulent Offering

Create a powerful, comprehensive and irresistible offering for your divine clients so you can share it and begin making more money honey, without the hustle.

Module 3 – Sales as a Divine Service

Release any shame and guilt around selling your sacred work and step into your power, as you design your effortless sales process.

Module 4 – Embrace Your Brilliant Brand

Deeply and intentionally align with those you serve so you can develop the messaging that’ll cut through and have them lining up to work with you.

Module 5 – Make Your Marketing Magnetic

Own your brilliance and share your important message with feminine radiance, connecting with your divine community at the deepest level.

Module 6 – Launch like a Luminary

Create a soft structure for your launch and content strategy within which your feminine can flow as you call in the divine compensation that is your birthright.

Module 7 – Craft Your High Service Masterclass

Craft a unique and powerful event for your soulmate clients where you share the power of your sacred work & invite your community in to work with you.

Module 8 – Run Your Transformational Multi Day Event

Craft a unique and powerful event experience for your soulmate clients to bring them to saying a “Hell Yes” to working with you. 


Total Value $12,573

Your sacred CEO Priestess tribe

You’ll gather in a sacred and powerful private Facebook Group, exclusive to academy participants where you will learn, grow, collaborate and breakthrough limitations together!

All your questions answered throughout the program

mYou will have access to weekly:

  • 1 x 60 minute live High End Hot Seat Call with Prue and team to get your most compelling questions answered and practice your CTA and pitch so you an ascend at the speed of light.
  • 1 x 30 minute live Energetic Activation to master your energy & mindset, process your emotions, amplify your productivity and keep you performing at your best!
  • 1 x 60 minute live Sales Mastery Session to master sales and lead flow and get instant feedback to move your sacred business forward.

You will have access to Monthly:

Sacred ceremonial circles

  • 1 x 90 minute Sacred Ceremonial Group Circles on zoom to access and embody your self-mastery so you can remain at the edge of your highest potential.
  • 1 x 60 minute Priestess Spotlight on zoom – each woman in the Academy
    has an opportunity to present her sacred work to the rest of the group

Total Value $6,997 per month

Total Value CEO Priestess Academy: $55,579

“I Hold Space For Women Of Impact So They Can Hold Space For Humanity… God(dess) Knows We’re Needed Now More Than Ever”

Value Packed Academy Bonuses

Bonus #1: Weekly 20 minute 1:1 Laser Focused Momentum Coaching Sessions Imagine your own
personal business coach you meet with weekly to maintain your momentum,
springboard your ideas, focus your strategy and KEEP YOU MOVING
FORWARD consistently.wins, maintain your energy and alignment with your vision throughout the whole program.

Bonus #2: 6 x 20 minute Golden Goddess Activating Healing Meditations (MP3s) to clear self-sabotage, fear, and resistance, so you can connect with and deeply serve your soul clients. We’ll supercharge your powerful offering and keep your energy clean, clear and aligned to attract your dream clients and incredible abundance – Value: $597

Total Value $18,000

Wihihani Takahashi

Entrepreneur, Mum and Creative – TOKYO

I’d recommend this program to anyone. After each session with Prue, I feel calm, motivated and empowered. It’s been so effective!

Before the program, I felt stuck and like my life was chaotic at the same time. I wanted things to be different but didn’t know how to make that happen. Now, I take work one step at a time instead of trying to do 6 things at once. I understand what my priorities are and have clarity around what I want for my future.

Since the program, my life is fuller without a constant battle of smashing my head against a concrete wall. My family life and the relationship I have with my husband is fuller in every way – I enjoy it more, I feel confident, I’m lighter and brighter in my energy toward myself and for the people around me as well. I have more self-love and self-respect.

I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to undergo this program. If I hadn’t done it, I don’t think I’d be where I am now! I’d value this program at $20,000 or more.

It has changed my life!

48 Hour Expiring Bonus

Expiring Bonus:

1 x 60 minute 1:1 Opulent Offering Strategy Session with Prue or our Head Coach to clarify your Zone of Divinity and map out your Opulent Offering – get expert feedback to tweak your offer and optimise your copy so you can maximise connection with your divine clients and get them saying “YES!” to working with you.

Value $2,500

Are you ready

To give yourself 

Powerful Permission

To Shine, serve & Sell

Your sacred work?

CEO Priestess


What you’ll receive:

6 month CEO Priestess Academy immersion, access to
online modules and deep dive private Facebook Group

Value $62,805

2 x 45 minute 1:1 Opulent Offering sessions with Prue, 
6 x 20 minute Golden Goddess Manifestation MP3s AND Weekly Accountability Sessions 

Value $5,847

Super sexy expiring bonus (available during retreat)

Value $1,500

Total Value: $70,152

Curriculum Value + Bonuses value: $71,652

Pay in Full Bonus Only:

Pay in Full Bonus:

1 x 60 minute VIP 1:1 Sacred Success Kick Starter Session with Client Success Manager to review your self-assessment, map out your income goals and pathway to success so you can reach your goals at lightening speed!

Value $1,500

Wanna Chat?

Book in for a free 30 minute heart to heart to see how CEO Priestess Academy can support you and your business to make great money while serving deeply.

Prue Blennerhassett

The Original CEO Priestess…

After completing a Bachelor of Business, Banking, Finance and International Trade, Prue joined the corporate grind in her home town of Melbourne. She travelled throughout Asia and to Europe, working on million-dollar accounts before moving to Byron Bay and building her own successful business with a team of staff and reaching 5 figures months.

Even after moving out of her hometown to create a better lifestyle, she realised that the ‘way’ of working (the grind) was so ingrained that she continued to work that way even when she had a choice! That ‘way’ of working was using force, pushing herself, having it be hard, honouring DOing over BEing – and burn out soon followed.

She realised that way of working, while financially successful, was not personally sustainable or commercially scalable. She had to find another way, and she did…

She learnt to package up her brilliance in a way that offers incredible transformation for her clients very quickly. She learnt how to show up with heart and invite people into her story, into what she believes in and in to work with her. She also learnt how to connect with her divine femininity, with the depth of her emotions and to use these as gifts rather than the obstacles they’d always been before.

Now she helps other women to package their sacred work into a high-end offer that is irresistible to their ideal clients, so they can serve, shine and sell with soul while they make more money and have a greater impact in this world.

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