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Congratulations on enrolling in CEO Priestess Academy!

It’s important to take the time to familiarise yourself with this page because it contains everything you need to know and outlines what’s included. This program is jam-packed, but don’t worry the steps are clearly listed below and you can work through each section in your own time. We recommend that you save this link to help you easily refer back to it if needed.

We are so excited you have chosen to embark on this amazing journey with us and look forward to supporting your soul work.
At the end of our agreed time we will continue with the program from month to month upon your approval.

If you need assistance please email: [email protected]

What is CEO Priestess Academy?

This 12 Month sacred group immersion to take you to the next level in your business, becoming a powerful, femme force to be reckoned with who magnetises divine clients and riches with power, impact and grace.

We aim to support coaches and consultants who are are looking to create wealth and seriously up-level your business, ready to leave hustle and burnout behind to liberate the unabashed expression of your feminine divinity in business.  We know that when we work with women who are ready they get results, and we ensure this is delivered in a way that is helpful, effective and leveraged. 


What’s included:

1. Onboarding tasks to get the most out of the Academy:

Book your 30 minute induction call with our Client Success Manager

Complete your CEO Priestess Academy Biz Self- assessment Form

Book your 60 minute VIP 1:1 Sacred Success Kick Starter Session with Head

Familiarise yourself with the CEO Priestess Academy portal

Jump into the CEO Priestess Academy private Facebook group and introduce yourself


2. Each month the program will include:

4 x Hot Seat coaching calls with Prue & team – 60 minutes

4 x Systems & Sales Mastery calls with Vanda –  60 minutes

4 x Sovereign Self Mastery energy activations – 30 minutes

1 x Ceremonial Priestess Circle – 90 minutes

1 x CEO Priestess Academy Member Spotlight –  60 minutes

You will also be entitled to 20 minute 1:1 Momentum Coaching calls with our Head Coach at any time you need extra support. These should be booked a week in advance.


3. During the 12 month program you will also be invited to dive deeper into your business and fast track your success.

Intensive virtual workshops

A video vault with all past class recordings and trainings

Access to Prue as a guest speaker, podcast guest etc

Be featured or join us as a guest speaker in our live virtual events

Be a guest on Prue’s podcast Change Gamer

Discounts to Live in-person events or retreats


4. Access to a private Facebook group with Community Manager while membership is active.

5. A video vault of all past training and class recordings, for as long as membership is active.

6. Proximity to Prue and her life’s work, from corporate burnout to 6-figure coach, plus the thinking and wisdom that comes with that.

Meet the Team

We’d like to introduce you to our team so you are clear on who to reach out to if you need support in different areas

Vanda Cummins – Client Success Coach

Vanda comes to us with 30+ years in Sales and Customer Service. Working in small and large brands she has built up quite the skill set. 

She is passionate about women in business and obsessed with making your life easier. Being a business owner means wearing all the hats and doing all the things until you can build that team! Something she understands well, having established her own business  5 years ago and now embarking on building up her art business.

Through Women Of Impact Retreats and CEO Priestess Academy, Vanda helps support women to cultivate abundance, see their true worth and develop strategies to grow their business and amplify their impact in the world.
Look out world! These Women Of Impact are only getting started.

Amy Rempel – Head Coach

Amy Rempel comes to us with more than 15 years of business experience, is a certified Aromatherapist, Reiki practitioner, EFT practitioner and most recently graduated with a Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma. Her goal is to help women become empowered and confident in what they offer. She utilizes her experience and education to give women the tools to help grow a heartled business with both actionable tasks and mindset work.

Amy has a versatile background in various industries, including manufacturing food, accessories, creating and selling her own course, network marketing and running a wellness centre and owes her success to the mindset work she has incorporated. After experiencing these mindset breakthroughs she knew she had to spread the love and she now helps other women do the same!

Kathleen Graffunder – Head Impact Coach

Kathleen Graffunder comes to us as a Transformational Business and Mindset Coach and Expert in Healing Communication. A dedicated truth-seeker and explorer of the mind, cognition and behaviour, she aims to elevate your awareness so that you can live your most authentic, joyous and liberated life.

Her unique approach allows her to compassionately and intuitively identify, connect and address the emotional issues that manifest in the physical while providing very practical support for the whole person through integrated nourishment, positive supportive habits and practice

Onboarding Process

Here are the steps to take after your enrolment has been finalised:


Make sure the class calendar is connected for you on your computer and phone to get notified of class and event times Google Cal or iCal


Book your 30 minute induction call with our Client Success Manager Vanda within 48 hours of registering, to learn how the program works and make sure you have absolute clarity on how to best utilise the program for your needs.


Once you’ve made your booking you will receive a one-off Zoom link through Calendly to use for this call at the time of booking which is different from the regular Zoom link for the program calls.


Book your 60 minute 1:1 strategy call with Head Coach which includes:

• A quick overview of how to utilise this program for your specific business needs.

• A personalised success map blueprint to help you reach your destination as fast as possible including where to spend your time and where not to.

This can be organised during your induction call, otherwise book this call here:



Familiarise yourself with the CEO Priestess Academy portal, with the location of the modules and weekly call recordings.

Bookmark this page to the home screen on your PC and save it to your phone, so you can easily watch recordings and listen to meditations.


Accept your invitation to join the Facebook group:
Upon approval introduce yourself into the group using this format:
• Go LIVE and SHARE your name, who you support and with what
• Share what you are most excited about learning and creating in this program
• Give a fun fact about yourself.
This is a great opportunity to meet other divine women with similar goals to you.
In CEO Priestess Academy we have a culture of celebration, share what your excited about, your upcoming events, your wins and show support for the wins of others, share misteps as lessons we can all learn from.


Come along to the calls – Mark the calls in your schedule and come to one of each of the calls in the first 2 weeks so you get a feel for what they are all about and how they can serve you on your journey.

Finalising Your Enrolment

If you are on a payment plan, please ensure your payments are up-to-date prior to commencement of the training.
Please email [email protected] to enquire about your payments. We ask that you take responsibility for getting in touch to discuss any challenges you may have.
We are looking forward to supporting you to grow your soul work.

Meet Prue

Prue Blennerhassett

Living just outside the idyllic Australian coastal town of Byron Bay, Prue lives with her partner Tom, their two boys and Cavoodle puppy.
After completing a Bachelor of Business, Banking, Finance and International Trade, Prue joined the corporate grind in her home town of Melbourne. She travelled throughout Asia and to Europe, working on million-dollar accounts before moving to Byron Bay and building her own successful business with a team of staff and reaching 5-figure months.

Even after moving out of her hometown to create a better lifestyle, she realised that the ‘way’ of working – the grind – was so ingrained that she continued to work that way even when she ran her own show! That ‘way’ of working was using force, pushing herself, having it be hard, honouring DOing over BEing – and burn out soon followed.

She realised that way of working, while financially successful, was not personally sustainable or commercially scalable. She had to find another way, and she did…

She learnt to package up the brilliance that transformed her own business and life in a way that now offers that same incredible transformation for her clients very quickly. She learnt how to show up with heart and invite people into her story, into what she believes in and in to work with her. She also learnt how to connect with her divine femininity and the depth of her emotions. And to use these as gifts rather than the obstacles they’d always been before. This transformation led to multi 6 figures in her business.

Now, Prue helps other women to package their sacred work into a high-end offer that is irresistible to their ideal clients, so they can serve, shine and scale with soul, while they make more money and have a greater impact in this world.


Your Results Are Our Highest Priority, But We Cannot Guarantee Your Success.

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Earnings and Income Disclaimer

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Monetary and income results are based on many factors. We have no way of knowing how well you will do, as we do not know you, your background, your work ethic, or your business skills or practices. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are illustrative of results that others that we have worked with have received and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance.

All disclosures and disclaimers made herein or on our site, apply equally to any offers, prizes, or incentives, that may be made by our company.

You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by registering for any of our programs you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.